About Us

Lallanpost Media is a multimedia digital platform based on the idea of inclusive India. this platform with its positive and constructive approach aims at building bridges between communities. Our objectives are creating content, which generates dialogue on syncretism. We look forward to your support and encouragement in our endeavour. It is a non-profit initiative involving journalists and volunteers believing in ethical and value-based journalism.

With modest resources, it has sustained itself in extremely challenging circumstances, offering an alternative perspective to the shrill, divisive narrative peddled by much of the corporate media.

The Lallanpost exists to champion a secular, democratic and inclusive India, the India as envisioned by our founding fathers, the India that the secular and liberal Constitution of our country promises.

Disclaimer : Lallanpost.com is not responsible for views and claims expressed by contributors and for reports sourced by other media networks and news agencies. They do not necessarily represent or reflect the editorial policy of the publication.