Freddie Prinze Jr. Reacts to WWE Naming Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon Co-CEOs

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Freddie Prinze Jr. talked about a variety of topics in this week’s Wrestling With Freddie podcast. The former WWE creative writer talked about Vince McMahon’s retirement and the appointment of Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon as co-CEOs of WWE.

“In the first couple of interviews I saw with Nick, I was like, yeah, that’s why he’s a solid agent because you could tell he’s got that ego. I just worry about that with someone like Stephanie, because knowing Stephanie, if she senses you’re out to get her in any way, and I’ll give him this, he was the company’s agent before he came there. Nick was not the first choice and I’m not guessing on this. I know it for a fact because I’m friends with their first choice who passed. I know him. Our kids go to school together. They’re on the same football team. So that’s how I know. He works with Fox Sports. He wasn’t their first choice. So there’s a lot of ego there.

With Stephanie, if she senses any threat to the kingdom her father built, I’m not playing dude, Shane’s not the one. Stephanie is a stone killer. She’s a werewolf, but not just twice a month. She could summon that power as soon as the sun goes down, and without you knowing, she will assassinate you bro. She is a stone killer, someone who should be regarded and at times feared, but always respected. So if there’s plans for that, and if he did do something to get her dad out, she’s not going to play games or mess around. The fact that they’re still there together leads me to believe that he didn’t and that is more conspiracy theory stuff, but she doesn’t play bro. She’ll die for that company straight up. Shane doesn’t want any of that. At least that was my sense.”

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