Paul Wight Addresses His Multiple Heel – Face Turns

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Paul Wight, formerly known as the Big Show in WWE, has had more face and heel turns in professional wrestling than possibly anyone in history.

While on “Casual Conversarions,” the six-time World Champion and current AEW Star addressed his turns throughout his career and what he believes that shows about him.

“I worked heel, I worked babyface, I know the fans have said I’ve had more turns than Nascar, and I’m pretty proud of that,” Wight said. “It shows a versatility and the faith that the company has in you to help get over other talent because it’s not always about you getting wins.

“And wins, that’s one thing that’s always been very disgusting to me is when talents talk about wins, wins, wins. It’s entertainment … Scott Hall gave me some advice all the time; he said, ‘Bro, they can tell you the finish, but they can’t tell you how to get over.’”

Since arriving in AEW, Wight has only had a handful of matches, partly due to injuries he has sustained over his career of over two decades. Wight most notably wrestled QT Marshall at AEW’s highest-grossing PPV to date, All Out 2021, quickly defeating Marshall right before the main event, Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage for the AEW World Championship.

Wight mainly sticks to commentary for AEW, commentating for one of AEW’s Youtube shows, which airs Monday nights after being taped before “AEW: Dynamite” the week prior. However, Wight is not done with his in-ring career as he has mentioned a few times that Captain Insano will be on AEW, a character he played in the film Waterboy in 1998.

Waterboy is not the only film Wight has been a part of, as he recently took part in a drama called “Marcus,” which is a story about a man with a past who wishes to help make up for his past actions. Wight plays a character known as Gus Hoffman, a security guard in the movie.

Wight last wrestled on March 30th on “AEW Dark: Elevation” when he took on a wrestler named Austin Green. Since arriving at AEW in 2021, Wight has wrestled four matches — the one against Marshall, Green, and two other Three on One Handicap matches which both took place on “AEW Dark: Elevation.”

Wight left WWE for AEW, a company where he spent most of his career, becoming a grand slam champion after winning four World Championships, the Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship, and winning the World Tag Team Championships on multiple occasions.

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