Remember The Pitbull Who Killed Elderly Woman? 8 NGOs Have Come Forward to Adopt The Dog

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Lucknow: Remember the disturbing case when an
82-year-old woman was mauled to death by her pet dog
? The incident took place while the woman, a retired teacher, was alone in the house in Lucknow’s Kaiserbagh locality.
The pitbull attacked her, sunk its teeth in the body of the deceased and the abdomen flesh was torn apart. The horrific case created fear among dog owners and many incidents of people abandoning pet dogs specially Pitbulls surfaced thereafter. Despite the hate, eight organisations have now come forward to adopt the killer Pitbull dog. The Pitbull is currently lodged in an animal shelter under the supervision of Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) officials and veterinary experts, is gradually returning to normalcy.

Animal Welfare Officer Dr Abhinav Varma said that the dog’s behaviour is now normal and he is playing around and having food thrice a day. “The Pitbull will be kept in the shelter till July 27 and a decision on his new home will be taken later. Former union minister and animal love Maneka Gandhi had called up officials and asked them to hand back the dog to its owner Amit Tripathi. However, Amit has not contacted us after the dog was taken from his possession,” the official said.

Officials said that if the owner does not wish to claim the dog, the Pitbull will be given up for adoption. Meanwhile, Amit Jani, head of the UP Navnirman Sena, told IANS that he has sent an email to LMC wishing to adopt the Pitbull named Brownie. “I am an animal lover and would love to keep the dog with me. I am willing to complete all formalities in this regard,” he said. (With IANS inputs)

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