Angelina Jolie wins legal battle against ex-husband Brad Pitt, French winery case

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Angelina Jolie wins legal battle against ex-husband and actor Brad Pitt in the ongoing Chateau Miraval winery war

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married in the year 2014. According to a report, this couple took control of the famous Rose (Rose) company in the year 2008. But now Angelina Jolie’s lawyer has won this legal battle over a document.

Both had bought the company together
Together they bought this winery for $28.3 million and also decided not to sell its stake at any cost. However, later in the court, Angelina Jolie said that she has sold her rights. This has been possible only on 22nd July. Even before this news came, another news came out in which it was said that Brad Pitt has also filed a case in court regarding selling stake in French winery to his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

Court ruled in favor of Angelina
Adjacent to the winery is the home of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with facilities ranging from swimming pools to heli pads to descend. Both got married in this house. According to the report of Page Six, Brad Pitt is fighting over this so that he can ignore Angelina Jolie’s paper and other things. But this was not possible and the court ruled in favor of Angelina Jolie, saying that Brad Pitt would have to give legal documents to Angelina’s team, even if they appealed against this order in court.

Had filed for divorce in the year 2016
According to the latest Hollywood news, Brad Pitt was not ready to sell the stake of this winery company even after getting married. Angelina Jolie applied for divorce from Brad Pitt in court in 2016, just two years after getting married in 2014, and in 2021 she informed that she sold her stake in this French winery company. Is.

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and actor Brad Pitt have 6 children. There was a lot of love between the two, but due to mutual estrangement, distance came between the two and then both got separated forever.

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