Jim Cornette Speculates How WWE Convinced Brock Lesnar to Return Following Walkout

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During his Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette shared his thoughts on a variety of topics.

The moment it was announced that Vince McMahon was leaving the WWE, Brock Lesnar reportedly left last Friday’s WWE SmackDown. Later, Lesnar made his way back to the building and made an appearance in the closing segment where he laid out Theory.

Cornette offered theories as to how WWE persuaded Lesnar to make a comeback.

“I think Brock probably, an offshoot of two things. Either, ‘What the f*ck? Without Vince this place is going to go to sh*t.’ Or number two, he was probably offended at the concept, because let’s face it, Vince did not retire on purpose.

“We had established that he wasn’t going to quit until he drew his last breath. But I can see Brock being upset [imitates Lesnar] ‘You’re gonna make him f*cking resign? F*ck that! I’m outta here.’ I can see that.

“We don’t know what conversation enticed Brock to return to the fold in less than five hours, but he stormed out before 5pm EST and he was back by 9:45 to come out and beat everybody up.

“You know that if Heyman got on the phone with him, I would have to think that financial remuneration would be a part of that conversation.”

Regarding the possibility that Brock Lesnar was called by Vince McMahon to get him back, Cornette thinks it might have been the first action they took.

“If it was necessary then it absolutely did happen. By the reporting of the incident, they may have tried to do that first depending what Brock’s b*tch was. If it was about Vince himself, yeah they probably went to that first.

“If it was about the principle of the thing, they may have gone to someone who is close to Brock like Heyman. You know that Vince was standing by with some form of communication to that building, and knew what was happening as soon as it happened. Whatever method they thought was best is what they implemented first.”

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