Impact Wrestling Results (07/28) – KUSHIDA Vs. Rich Swann, Ace Austin Vs. Eddie Edwards

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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

We begin with a recap of the match between Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin and the events that unfolded after the match involving Violent By Design, Josh Alexander and Kushida.

Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan greet audiences at home as Eddie Edwards and Kenny King come to the ring, followed by Ace Austin and Chris Bey.

Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards
The bell rings as the crowd rallies behind Austin while he poses. Edwards attacks him from behind and delivers right hands to Austin in the corner. Austin trips him before delivering a kick. He delivers an arm drag to Edwards and pokes Edwards with his card between his fingers. Edwards is sent to the outside and Austin delivers a kick off the apron. Edwards delivers an axe handle to Austin, followed by a brutal chop. He fires down a right hand, then tosses Austin back into the ring.

Austin hits a couple right hands, but Edwards fires back with an atomic drop and an overhead belly to back suplex. He goes for a pin, but Austin kicks out. Edwards delivers a chop, followed by another couple. He sits Austin on the top turn buckle, but Austin escapes and rolls him up. Edwards kicks out and Austin hits a back elbow. Austin delivers a knee, followed by a drop kick. Austin delivers a forearm, but Edwards fires back with another atomic drop.

Edwards spills to the outside as Austin soars over the top rope to take Edwards out. Austin tosses King back in and delivers a leg drop. He goes for a pin but Austin kicks out. The crowd cheers on Austin as Edwards delivers a kick to the face. Edwards hits a backpack stunner, then goes for a pin but Austin kicks out. Edwards looks for the Boston a knee Party, but Austin hits a double stomp. He looks for The Fold, but King hops up on the apron to cause a distraction. Bey takes him out the referee ejects both men. King hits Bey, then hops up on the apron. Austin takes him down with a kick and the two men brawl up the ramp with one another. Edwards tosses Austin into the corner and we head to commercial.

Back from the break, Edwards has the upper hand. He delivers a lariat. He goes for a pin but Austin kicks out. Austin fires back with a forearm, but Edwards delivers a clothesline. Edwards looks for the Boston Knee Party, but Austin hits a kick out of the corner. He goes for a pin but Edwards kicks out. Austin looks for The Fold, but Edwards counters with a power bomb. He hits the Tiger Driver, then goes for a pin but Austin kicks out. Edwards delivers the Die Hard Driver for the win.
Winner: Eddie Edwards

Commentary runs down the card for Emergence, followed by the card for the rest of the show. We head backstage to Heath and Gia Miller. She asks him about his mission to take down Honor No More one by one and he says that he will hit every one of them with a Wake Up Call. He says that they play dirty and he’s looking for revenge for what they did to him and Rhyno to put them on the shelf.

We head to Gia Miller and Josh Alexander. Alexander says there are challengers wanted to knock him down all the time. He lists some of the biggest opponents he’s taken down before Alex Shelley walks in. Shelley says that being the biggest doesn’t mean being the best. He asks Alexander what being the best means and Alexander responds with skill. Shelley says that’s right and he says to do his thing with Shera so he can take on the best.
Laredo Kid comes to the ring, followed by Trey Miguel, Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice.

Laredo Kid & Trey Miguel vs. Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice

Miguel and Dice start off the action. The bell rings and Miguel sends Dice into Swinger. Miguel trips Dice and hits a reverse 619. He sends Dice’s arm off the ropes, then tags in Kid. The two deliver a double drop kick as Dice rolls to the outside and calls for a time out. The two out on black masks with spikes to mock Kid and hop back up on the apron.

Kid drags Dice back into the ring, then delivers a slap and tags in Miguel. They send Dice out if the ring and Miguel delivers a taupe suicida. Dice gets back in the ring and tags in Swinger. He goes for a pin but Miguel kicks out. Dice tags back in and Miguel hits him with a springboard handspring kicks.
Kid tags in and hits a cutter on Dice. While the referee is distracted, Swinger delivers a cheap kick to Kid. Kid comes back quick and hits a frog splash for the win.

Winners: Laredo Kid and Trey Miguel

We go to a video of Heath attacking Vincent with a Wake Up Call in his match on BTI, allowing his opponent Bhupinder Gujjar to pick up the win. We head to Brian Meyers and Gujjar backstage. Meyers informs Gujjar that he issued an open call in the locker room while Gujjar wasn’t there and Black Taurus answered it. Meyers says that the match isn’t approved, but Scott D’Amore walks by and says the match is approved.

Back at ringside, Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans come to the ring and join commentary. Commentary announce that the next match is a special one because it involves OVW talent and Steelz says she is responsible for bringing them in. Tiffany Nieves comes to the ring, followed by Jada Stone.

Tiffany Nieves vs. Jada Stone

The bell rings and Stone locks in a waist lock. Nieves sends Stone to the mat, followed by a body slam. She goes for a pin but Stone kicks out. Stone delivers a kick, followed by a super kick. She goes for a pin but Nieves kicks out. Stone looks for a spilt legged moonsault, but Nieves moves out of the way. Nieves hits a cannonball, followed by a DDT. She rolls up Stone and grabs the ropes for the win.

Winner: Tiffany Nieves

After the match, Killer Kelly’s music hits and she comes to the ring to make her debut. She slowly makes her way to the ring and faces off with Tiffany Nieves. Nieves gets in her face and pushes Kelly. Kelly delivers a pump kick, then locks in a face submission and outs Nieves to sleep. She looks to Stone and delivers a drop kick to her in the corner. She hits a face buster before displaying a sinister smile.

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