Johnny Gargano Hasn’t Made a Decision About His Future in Wrestling

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At Starrcast V, former WWE star Johnny Gargano spoke about his plans for the future of professional wrestling.

“Everyone loves Hunter [Triple H]. This time period of my life has given me a unique opportunity to sit back and surgery the landscape of everything. If I would have made a decision immediately, who knows what would have happened. The fact that I told myself that I was going to sit back, watch what happens, and make a decision based off that. I love things where both places are going. There are pros and cons, get it, cons, Khans, wordplay. I love what both places are doing.”

“What’s next for me is I’m going to go home and change a diaper. If people thought I was going to come here and be like, ‘I’m going to show up then,’ I’m not going to say that because I don’t have an answer yet. I haven’t made up my mind or made a decision yet. We’re lucky as wrestlers and wrestling fans that we are living in a world where there are options and choices out there. There is talent all over the world and both places that I haven’t wrestled yet, that I want to wrestle. I’m all about right place, right time, right opportunity. My favorite time period as a wrestling fan was the Attitude Era where people would show up. You never knew. The internet wasn’t like, ‘this person is showing then and here.’ It’s all about surprises. That’s the fun thing about being a wrestling fan. Being surprised. Whatever I can do to add that element of surprise and protect my surprise, I’m going to keep protecting it.”

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