Raquel Rodriguez on Who She Approaches for Advice, Talks Rey Mysterio’s Influence

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WWE star Raquel Rodriguez recently spoke with #74 of WWE Die Woche for an in-depth conversation about all things pro-wrestling. Here are the highlights:

Going to Natalya for advice:

“Well, I definitely try to pick Natalya’s [brain] because she has the most experience. She’s a vet in the business. She obviously knows every single woman on the roster very, very well. She’s worked with each and every single one of them so I’d have to say Natalya [is my go-to person for advice pertaining to WWE]. She’s very knowledgeable-that woman.”

Rey Mysterio’s influence on her growing up:

“Oh, very, very much [Rodriguez responded when asked how much does she look up to Rey Mysterio]. I think they represent our culture and the Mexican culture so amazingly. He’s definitely been one of my inspirations since I was a little girl as well because I’ve been watching him for so long and to top it off, the Mysterio family are just so kind. They’re so welcoming, they’re so just pleasant and positive and awesome to be around. I think they’re amazing role models, Dominik included.”

Rodriguez recently endorsed banana foster pancakes in a skimpy bikini. You can check out the photos by clicking here.

You can watch the complete interview below:

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